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Best neighborhoods of Madrid

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Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is one of the chosen destinations for intense tourism; it has everything: a rich culture, amazing landscapes, great food, and friendly people.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is a cosmopolitan city filled with life, business, and a vibrant atmosphere. The town has excellent universities and a dynamic job market, so it is one of the most frequent choices for students and young professionals who want to expand their horizons.

Make the most out of your time in the city and take a Spanish course in Madrid. You can decide the duration of the lessons and personalize your language goals. Expanish, the Spanish language school in Madrid, has the perfect course for you.

Madrid is a big city in constant growth, and there is always something new to see or do. The streets are filled with contrasts, both architectural and social. Each part of the city has its personality. It is easy to get lost, so it is best to learn something about the city in advance to avoid wasting time or money.

Put on a comfortable pair of shoes, get ready for a long walk and discover everything Madrid has to offer. The following list includes the best neighborhoods in Madrid:

Barrio de Salamanca

One of the most exclusive parts of the city, ideal for expensive shopping sprees. It is purely aristocratic, and its streets are filled with luxury stores and unique restaurants. The avenues are vast, and it is the perfect neighborhood for a weekend stroll.


Chamberí is one of the most fashionable parts of the city. It has a special vibe of its own, the streets are full of green, and the buildings are a work of art. It is a neighborhood frequented by both tourists and locals. The perfect place to discover the new hip restaurant or café.


Chueca is one of the most well-known parts of Madrid, the official gay neighborhood. It is a diverse and inclusive place that tourists and locals enjoy all year round. The streets are lively and colorful, and cafes and boutique shops are to be found.

The nightlife is the best in all Madrid. There is always something to do. People tend to gather in the different squares and street markets. There are also plenty of art galleries, exhibitions, and museums.


This neighborhood is famous for its terraces and balconies, where you can have a cold beer and enjoy the scenery. It is known as the most cultural and alternative part of Madrid and many modern, young people choose this place to live.

Dos de Mayo square is the center of Malasaña and a meeting point for people who want to experience this part of town. There are also historic bars you have to visit like El Penta and la Vía Láctea.


Lavapiés is the most multicultural neighborhood of Madrid. The original structures and streets have an apparent medieval influence that gives this city charm and personality.

The graffiti and international vibes make this neighborhood unique.

Alonso Martínez

Fashion is a crucial element, and the best international fashion stores are here. A part of the city filled with manors and ornamented buildings makes you feel like you are in Paris. The ladies roaming through the streets will take you back to another time.

Still, for accommodation and groceries, it can be pretty expensive.

La Latina

La Latina is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Madrid, a synonym of nightlife, fun, and tapas. It is built on a medieval Islamic fort, and it is one of the city’s oldest parts. The narrow streets are filled with bars and restaurants.

The flea market is a great chance to meet the locals and even find a Spanish treasure at a meager price. Also, do not forget to visit the churches and basilicas.

Downtown Madrid

This part of Madrid is of mandatory visit. Starting on Puerta del Sol, Montera street and Plaza Mayor. Downtown Madrid will marvel you with its architecture and help you understand more about Spanish history and culture. When planning your trip, it tends to be busy during rush hour, so bear that in mind.

Gran Vía y Callao is a pure Spanish tradition. There is always something to do, so get ready to be surprised.

Are you ready to discover this fantastic city?

Take a Spanish course in Madrid

Expanish School is one of the most popular choices for students and professionals who want to learn Spanish. You can even prepare and sit for an exam that provides an international certification.

Expanish is located in downtown Madrid, so it is accessible and near public transportation. The school staff is ready to assist you if you need advice on city tours and accommodation. They can even provide you with shared or private apartment options or even a chance to live with a local family. The choice is yours!

There is a variety of programs offered, and classes are designed specifically to suit the needs of each student. You can choose from either group lessons or private ones. Still, groups tend to be small and diverse.

The school has plenty of common areas to relax, study and meet other students. You will most likely make friends from all over the world that will enrichen your experience.

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Some Tips

Make the most out of the lessons and practice what you learn in the classroom. Make new acquaintances; the locals are amicable and patient with non-native Spanish speakers. Your learning process will accelerate if you have real-life experiences with the locals and test your language skills.

Read the online reviews of former students so you can get a sense of the experience and clear your doubts regarding the program.

If you want more information regarding the program, courses, life in Madrid, or travel expenses, you can contact Expanish School, and they will surely assist you.

Get ready to experience Madrid.

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