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Top 10 Destinations for Singles

The married ones may beg to differ, in any way possible, but single life is still and arguably the best phase in a man’s or a woman’s life. It certainly needs that they are at the right destinations for singles to make the holiday a wonderful experience.


Singles set-off to this city for the ultimate “Boys-being-Boys” and “Girls-gone-Wild” escapades, being mesmerised by Amsterdam’s free thinking and the mantra of live-and-let-live. American no-no’s like prostitution and marijuana are both regulated and permitted here. If one gets to find a fellow single to give company, then they can start the love with the city by strolling hand-in-hand along the many bridges spanning 160 canals across the city.

1200px KeizersgrachtReguliersgrachtAmsterdam Top 10 Destinations for Singles

At Sea

Regarded as a “thing” for couples since time immemorial, sea is where singles are heading to find their mate. Single-only voyages are offered round the year to places such as the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Alaska.

1200px MV Columbia Left Side Evening 2048px Top 10 Destinations for Singles

Buenos Aires

The single scene here is characterised by some bountiful and beautiful features round the clock. Tango is quite popular here as it acts as the perfect medium to pair up with a fellow single and romance while dancing throughout their stay over here. Knowing some tango moves will be of great help, before heading to this destination.

924px La Bocca tango Top 10 Destinations for Singles

Las Vegas

As far as thepopular destinations for singles are concerned, this is the big momma of all. The Sin City offers opportunities to singles like no other place the world over. Singletons flock here from places unknown throughout the year, with many coming here to celebrate the “age-old” tradition of bachelor or bachelorette party. “Love” here is mostly of a one-night stand kind of a thing, but it guarantees that one should be remembering the night for years to come, with plenty of bars, casino, clubs, cabarets and strip joints to offer.

NewYork hotel Vegas2 Top 10 Destinations for Singles


A fling is guaranteed here as this is place known worldwide to be a “safe” destination for bikini-clad women and well-toned men. Apart from the sand and the sun, it offers a plethora of choices for a single-only vacation such as the salsa dance clubs, thriving gay scene, hip galleries etc.

1200px LittleHavanOct06CalleOchoDominoClub Top 10 Destinations for Singles

New York

Now this American city would definitely be featuring among the top destinations for singles. If one is looking for sophisticated and street smart ladies, then this is the perfect starting ground. The world’s cultural capital is filled with single ladies. The city offers hundreds of nightlife spots with restaurants, pubs and concert-halls aplenty.

1200px Manhattan from Weehawken%2C NJ Top 10 Destinations for Singles


Women may find it quite difficult to get their hands-off from the men here. Stares and compliments aside Italian men will woo their love over Chianti and under the starry skies of Piazza Navona.

1199px Colosseo 2020 Top 10 Destinations for Singles


By the hour hotel-booking is not a foreign concept at all, but when one does it in Tokyo, it is definitely a lot less sleazy. Love Hotels (also known as couples’ hotels) are the most visited here, mostly in the district of Shibuya. A singleton in Tokyo should not have a problem locating a partner to share this one-of-a-kind experience offered by these hotels.

1200px Don Quijote in Shinjuku at night Top 10 Destinations for Singles

Washington D.C.

This is the place where love and politics meet. The Republicans and the Democrats are debating (and flirting) everywhere over drinks, with the capital’s museums and monuments offering great romantic backdrops. High powered connections are guaranteed here.

%name Top 10 Destinations for Singles


Perfect one among the top destinations for singles, this place offers a vacation with a touch of cosmopolitan flair. Apart from the political powerhouses, galleries, watering holes and restaurants are offered by the city, allowing singles to find the one

Juneau Waterfront with Mount Juneau Top 10 Destinations for Singles

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