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Top 5 Mediterranean Honeymoon Destinations 2022

After a day of wedding bliss surrounded by friends and family you’ll no doubt be looking to lie on some exotic beach and drink mojitos until the sun comes down. With an abundance of incredible places to visit, it’s hard to choose just one! The Mediterranean has some of the most romantic honeymoon spots in Europe; indeed in the world. This is a guide for engaged couples and newly-weds looking for an exciting and relaxing Mediterranean honeymoon destination.

Amalfi Coast

1199px Pastena Top 5 Mediterranean Honeymoon Destinations 2022

This Neapolitan Riviera is known for its luxurious boutique hotels with exceptional sea views. Take a trip to the historic city of Pompei, revel in the cultured ambience of Sorrento or relax on the stunning beaches of Ischia. Enjoy the blend of rustic old world splendour with modern, comfortable amenities. The Amalfi Coast is a hotspot of beautiful sights and cultural intrigue made for honeymooners.


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For a truly romantic honeymoon experience, book a trip to the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. ­Cyprus is known for its enviable climate, so get ready to soak up some serious sun on one of the pristine, turquoise sea beaches! Protaras and Polis are both havens of natural coastal beauty. Explore the vineyards, mountainous landscapes and perfumed orchards while you’re there.


1200px Sudika Golden Bay Top 5 Mediterranean Honeymoon Destinations 2022

Food in Malta represents a blend of Mediterranean cooking inspired by islanders and past civilisations. Try a kannoli (ricotta filled crispy pastry) or visit the fish market for the freshest taste of the sea. Drift into reverie while you lie on the beach for hours, or experience some of the invigorating or relaxing spa treatments available; like the algae body wraps, or romantic couple massages. For a cultural escape, visit some of Malta’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and discover the history behind what you see today. You can also go on a romantic bike ride for two, hop on some water skis or go climbing.


1200px Valle della Luna in Gallura%2C Sardegna Top 5 Mediterranean Honeymoon Destinations 2022

This unspoilt island off the western coast of Italy is a paradise of sun, sea and culture. The food is absolutely divine, and can be enjoyed in restaurants overlooking the beach at night. There are mesmerising coastline vistas of clear blue seas to be enjoyed on calm, hot days. You can charter a yacht and explore secluded coves, or stay at a rural retreat in the Sardinian countryside. If you’re up for a hike, trek along the Orosei Gulf trail to discover the isolated beaches and striking limestone cliffs.


1200px Vista de Garachico%2C Tenerife%2C Espa%C3%B1a%2C 2012 12 13%2C DD 05 Top 5 Mediterranean Honeymoon Destinations 2022

As the largest of the Canary Islands, each resort offers a different style of holiday. For a sophisticated honeymoon retreat for two, Los Cristianos is known for its fantastic international cuisine and wide selection of bars. In Alcalá de Isora and Adeje there are luxurious Tenerife hotels with breath-taking sea views. You’ll find spas, pools and tropical gardens lining the magnificent sandy beaches.

For a blissful, romantic honeymoon visit the Mediterranean and indulge in the remarkable sights, aquamarine seas and gourmet cuisine on offer. Book now and start packing!

Where would your ideal honeymoon destination be? Comment below to share your perfect holiday!

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