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UK’s Best City Break Destinations

City breaks are designed to be a shorter version of a holiday and provide much needed rest and relaxation on a shorter basis and can be the ideal remedy to a stressful time and the perfect way to see highlights of some of the best cities. The UK has a number of beautiful cities that should be explored and enjoyed, especially as they are right on our doorstep. Often the perfect break can be something that involves little planning, a small amount of travelling time and gives the opportunity to discover the culture and heritage of cities that are so close by that we previously knew very little about.

1200px Tower Bridge from South Bank UK’s Best City Break Destinations


One of the most famous cities in the world, it is home to a multitude of sights that tourists flock to. The London eye, Buckingham Palace, houses of Parliament, are all areas that are visited by millions every year and perfectly sums up the culture and heritage that is right there in the capital of England. London has so much to offer to suit everyone whether you want to discover the culture and the heritage or enjoy fine dining and designer shopping. You can easily do it all and in a short space of time. It is a beautiful city that is perfect for the short city break.


The University City is shrouded in history and is known for being full of architecture, cobbled streets and outstanding beauty that is hundreds of years old. York has become one of the most visited places in recent years as more and more are beginning to appreciate the beauty of the area and everything that it has to offer. York, thanks to the University, has been well and truly put on the map and is now a vibrant and bustling city that is home to a large population and a lot of sights that make it the perfect place for tourists.

York central hall UK’s Best City Break Destinations


Bath is home to the largest amount of culture and heritage than any other city in the UK. A favourite place during the Roman invasion, the romans created the natural springs that are found in the area and are also known as the Roman baths, the hot natural spas that are loved by so many even today. Bath is the epitome of the British countryside and is the perfect place for rest and relaxation.

1200px Royal Crescent%2C bath. John Wood the Younger%2C 1767 1774 UK’s Best City Break Destinations


Cardiff has only recently become one the best places to visit, people have only just realised the beauty and vibrant nature that is held within the city. It is best known for having a fantastic nightlife, which is ideal for those looking for a slightly more energetic city break. The shopping, fine dining and many hotels throughout the city makes it a great choice of destination for those that enjoy an energetic and vibrant city that never seems to sleep.

Mermaid Quay %28552230368%29 UK’s Best City Break Destinations

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