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Travel Is For Everyone: How to See the World on a Shoestring Budget

Traveling encompasses so much more than just flying or driving to a new place. It is experiencing cultures, eating new foods and getting to know new people. Traveling isn’t just for the upper class or retired people. It can be for everyone, even if you’re working with a shoestring budget. Here are some tips on how to do it:

%name Travel Is For Everyone: How to See the World on a Shoestring Budget

Budget for It

There is a saying, “Show me where you spend your money and I’ll show you what your priorities are.” If traveling is a deep desire, budgeting is necessary. Break the money you will need up over 6 months – 1 year and save the money each month. Pick up a side gig that can be done at night from home, sell some things lying around or even take on another job. Another option is to cut back spending in other areas. Make coffee at home instead of buying it at a coffee shop and most of all cut down unnecessary spending.

Sign Up for Credit Cards

There are a lot of credit cards available that will earn miles for every purchase. There are some with annual fees and others that will earn double points on certain purchases or during a certain time period. Usually the miles are awarded after the first purchase or after the first so many dollars spent. Extra tip: there are some sites that you can complete surveys in exchange for frequent flier miles that are awarded immediately after completion.

Housing Options

If there is a strict budget for travel, five star hotels are out of the price range. However, that does not mean travel is impossible. With the new websites and travel accommodations that are available across the world, a nice place to stay is attainable. For example, you can save on lodging across America by using Red Roof Inn coupons from There are also hostels available in most popular cities. When deciding where to stay, keep in mind it is just a place to sleep. Traveling is for exploring, not for having a luxurious room to sleep in.

If traveling is a desire or a dream, start planning how to accomplish it! Prepare a budget and save the money necessary, look into ways to earn free plane tickets or food and look into creative places to stay instead of chain hotels. Most of all, enjoy every minute of the travel. They are memories that will not be forgotten!

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